Friday, November 16, 2007


Hi Everyone!
I just want to say thank you for taking the time to come in and meet with Mrs. Brush and me. The class is truly a delightful group of students to work with. We enjoyed sharing stories and making plans to help your child to do his/her best. I am also pleased to report that this is the first time in my 10 years of teaching that I have had 100% attendence at parent conferences.
I also want to send out a special thank you to the Zeh P.T.O. for approving a recent grant to benefit our classroom. They generously funded new educational board games for our class to use as the weather turns colder. We look forward to playing Scrabble, Boggle Jr., Apples to Apples, and a few more that I can't remember right now. Thank you, P.T.O.!
Here is a quick update from Room 5:
Social Studies: Mrs. Brush led a lesson where the child were inspired to make Native American masks that represent their individual families. This connects with our study of Canada and the Inuit people. See the creative student work below.

Our Native Family Masks

Writing: We are working on our Northeast Sensory Poems as well as our Disgusting Foods essays. Our bulletin boards have been updated and we are very proud of our beautiful work. Please stop by to see our "sparkling" Super Monkey bulletin board outside of Room 5. Here are just a few pictures from our boards...

Our Fall V & V pictures

Our Favorite Hero- Super Monkey

Mathematics: Well the challenge is out there for "Mad Minutes Master of the Day". Interestingly, we have had a new "master" each day. I am pleased to say that I have made it (finally) to 60/60 correct in 2 minutes. We continue to emphasize "personal best" and growth over time. We will keep on it!
Reading: Some students in Mrs. Brush's group completed independent projects to supplement their study of The War with Grandpa. They started presentations today and should be commended for excellent work. I am so proud of their effort!

Two War with Grandpa Games

A Map of Peter's House
Vocabulary Parade: Please encourage your child to keep on top of this project. They should use their project calendar to stay on track and they should be working on their costume. Remember, the costume is due on 11/29 (Thursday) and the Parade is on 11/30 (Friday) at 1:45 PM. Parents and cameras are WELCOME!

Field Trip: Thank you for the many offers we've received to chaperone our trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Our four chaperones are: Mrs. Alessi, Mrs. Kelley, Mrs. English, and Mrs. Thompson. I will be sending home the "extra" checks on Monday or Tuesday. If you were not selected, don't despair...we hope to go on a spring field trip as well!

  • 11/20 (Tuesday) Quiz on Canada
  • 11/21 (Wednesday) 11:30 Dismissal for Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/22 Happy Thanksgiving
  • 11/26 Professional Development for Teachers
I hope eveyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Rest and enjoy time with your families if you can!

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