Sunday, November 25, 2007

On My Mind...

Hi Everyone!

I hope this post finds everyone well rested and ready for last few weeks of 2007! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving in my new house and even got the plumber to come to hook up the new stove...just in time to cook the turkey! I am looking foward to a great December with the kids. It will be busy, but we will do our best to keep it interesting with creative projects and fun science activities. We will also begin to prepare to say goodbye to Mrs. Brush, who will finish student teaching with us at the end of the month.

Here is a quick update from Room 5:

Winter Weather...

Well, it was quite a surprise last Tuesday to see snowflakes falling from the sky! It was very exciting for us as it was our first chance to go out and play in the snow this year. Please encourage your child to dress appropriately for winter in Massachusetts. We do go outside most days for 30 minutes, even in winter. Once the snow pack arrives to stay, you child must have on both boots and snowpants to play in the snow. Hats, mittens/gloves, and scarves are also greatly appreciated by the children (when they are shivering on the field or playground.) not that they would ever admit that they were cold! Also, consider labeling your child's gear so that it does not wind up in the Lost and Found. Thank you for your help with this.

Fun with Friends

Warm and Cozy

Toasty Hands or...

Chilly Fingers!

Study Hall
We have begun to have Study Hall at the end of the day. After the children pack up for dismissal, they are allowed to work on projects, get a jump on homework, or read. This gives Mrs. Brush and I the opportunity to help kids with homework or "field" any questions about projects. The children have been really receptive to the idea so far and we plan to continue. Remind them to ask for help if they need it!

Math: Tabulate-A-Turkey
Just before the break, the students were given a "pretend" $1.50 to create a turkey. They could purchase paper strips, google eyes, confetti, feathers, and pompoms. We provided the glue and paperplates "free" of charge. The students had a great time planning their supply purchase and creating their turkeys.

Gobble, Gobble!

Proud of her work!

Crafts & Math...what a great day!

Math: Mad Minutes
Will this be the week that someone hits 60 facts in 2 minutes? I finally got my 60 last week!
I am proud to say that many students have gotten to at least 30 facts in 2 minutes, so we are half way there. Please keep practicing!

Social Studies
We have finished with Canada and have moved into the Northeast Region. We made maps of the region and foldables to help us organize our new vocabulary words. Some students have opted to take part in an enrichment project. They will be making an ABC Book of the Northeast Region. They will select various points of interest, geographic and historical features, and will write a paragraph about each for every letter A-Z. (Example: A is for Appalachian Mountains, B is for Boston Tea Party) They will also create an illustration for each page. Some work will be completed in class, but your child must do work at home as well in order to meet the December 20th due date. Please have your child ask me for help if they need guidance!

We will be wrapping up Earth Science this week and Mrs. Brush will be starting her unit on Matter. We have cooked up some great activities for this unit and we know the children are really going to enjoy it!

Vocabulary Parade:
Costumes are due on Thursday and the Parade is at 1:45 PM on Friday. Don't forget your camera and feel free to dress up as a word too!

On a closing note, I took a really great field trip with my family on Saturday night. We went to see Zoolights at the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA. The whole zoo is covered in holiday lights and you can walk around and see the animals. Emma loved it as did the rest of my family. You should check it out, if you are looking for a fun family activity. Be sure to dress warmly as it is all outdoors. Here is the link for more information:

Have a great week!


Patrick said...

Dear Mrs.Gorham,

I had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you did too. I ate lots of corn and stuffing because I love it. What did you eat alot of?


dfs said...

ONly one comment !1 Yikes

I know It is june but i felt like looking at the comments Taylor