Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Fun!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to our class blog! It is here that you will find information regarding our class activities and curriculum updates. I try to post pictures and videos whenever possible. I tried this for the first time with my fourth graders last year and it was well received by the families and children. Be advised that I will only include photos of your child, if you sign the media permission slip when we return in the fall. Feel free to check the archives (on the right side) and you can see what typical posts look like from last year's class. Families are also able to post comments after viewing the blog. I also like to include websites (also on the right) that are relative to our studies at school. Currently, I have some fun websites that can be used to practice math facts.

I hope this post finds you enjoying your summer to the fullest. I have had a wonderful summer so far. I have spent time traveling and with family- a perfect summer for me! I have also had time to sleep in late and read many great books! I have seen many families at the Northborough Free Library- a nice place to cool off and visit. Here are some photos of my recent adventures...

First, my family took a cruise to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary. It was amazing! It was warm, the beaches were gorgeous and there was lots to do and see. I even tried sushi for the first time...and snails too! Surprisingly, both were quite tasty!

We left New York Harbor and waved to the Statue of Liberty!

Heading down to Puerto Rico, the water was so beautiful!

This is a view from a fort in Puerto Rico. It was quite a climb, but the view was worth it!

The sky grew very dark in Puerto Rico and I liked the shot of these palm trees.

Here is our ship in Tortola, BVI.

This is called Virgin Gorda. Mr. Gorham and I snorkeled here and saw many unusual fish.

In Samana (Dominican Republic), we explored caves!

Emma (my daughter) and I have hit many local beaches this summer. Here she is at Memorial Beach in Marlborough. She is a real fish!

I also went to Ms. Douglass's wedding. She is now Mrs. Spiliakos. She looked beautiful!

We took a quick trip to Tower Hill Botanical Gardens. It was beautiful, but very hot! We will try again in the fall when it will be cooler.

So we still have another month for more adventures! I cannot wait to see more things and of course, take more pictures! I promise to update you again in a few weeks. Be sure to check back before school starts. I will post the specialist schedule next you will know when to wear sneakers for Mr. Sieurin!

Here is the supply list for grade 2. As I mentioned in the letter, I added a pack of "AA" batteries, for all the digital photography/blog posting for our class.

Student Supplies:

  • a box of crayons
  • a set of markers
  • a pack of colored pencils
  • 2-highlighters
  • sharpened #2 pencils
  • 2-glue sticks
  • a folder with 2 pockets
  • a book for DEAR (silent reading)
  • a hard plastic pencil case
  • a hand held pencil sharpener (non-electric)
  • a pair of blunt tip scissors
  • a bottle of hand soap/hand sanitizer
  • a box of tissues for the classroom
  • clorox wipes
  • a pack of "AA" batteries

That's all for now. Please vote (at the top) so I know if anyone is checking this out and leave a comment if you'd like. You need to set up an account to leave comments. It is free and takes no time at all.

Stay cool!

-Mrs. Gorham