Thursday, May 8, 2008


Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the fabulous spring days that we have been experiencing. I love seeing the trees in bloom, even if my allergies do not!
Life is pretty fast and furious both in and out of school for all of us right now. Hopefully, this post can fill you in, just in-case you've been caught up in soccer-scouts-recital-graduation-1st communion-mania!
Here's the update from Room 5:
Chorus Concert: Our concert was fantastic on Tuesday evening. The students were well-prepared by Mrs. Stonebraker and put on a wonderful show as you can see by our videos.

Science: We wrapped up our unit on animal adaptations with a test this week. We have spent many weeks exploring the various vertebrate groups and their unique adaptations. Our last unit this year will focus on plants and their adaptations. Model plant project is due on Wednesday, May 14th!

Social Studies: Our travels across the country have led us to the Southwest Region. We are exploring the Hopi Native American tribe. We will be having a test on this region SOON! Our last stop will be the The West (including Alaska and Hawaii).

Mathematics: We have been "Mathathletes" in Room 5. We are in training and keeping our skills sharp! We have reviewed double-digit mulitplication as well as short/long division. We have practiced tree diagrams (organized lists). We are having a test on data & graphing tomorrow. Look for a study guide for a test on measurement sometime next week. Our next unit will be on probability.

Pictures from our data field trip to Church Street. We keep track of traffic on Church Street on a beautiful Friday morning. We also discovered that Northborough is a friendly place to live...many cars honked and waved as we sat and collected data. Special thanks to Mrs. Ransden for accompanying us on our walk!

After we had the data, we made beautiful bar graphs!

Research Writing/Computer Lab: Room 5 is all abuzz with our research on U.S. Presidents & First Ladies. Both Mrs. Remillard and Mr. Gervais have been assisting us with our research in library and in computer lab.

Yoga Lesson: Our class had a special visit from Yogi Al for Kaitlin's birthday on Wednesday, May 7th. We all got to stretch out and de-stress on the stage in the cafeteria. Special thanks to Yogi Al for visiting and for Kaitlin's family for arranging this fun activity for our class!


  1. Thursday 5/15 and Friday 5/16 will be our Mathematics MCAS sessions. Once again you may supply your child with a "reasonable" amount of hard candy or chewing gum. Lollipops, jolly ranchers, and smarties are all good choices. Please remember that we are nut-free in room 5! Additionally, you may wish provide your child with a bottle of water and an extra-healthy snack for those days. We have practiced dilligently and we are so ready for this!
  2. I will be sending home a final book order this week. This is a good opportunity to purchase some new summer reading at very low prices. Please take a look and order if you find some interesting titles.
  3. There will be no spelling or weekly geo this week!

Have a great week everyone!

-Mrs. Gorham


katie said...

Yippee! Mrs.Gorham
I love the pictures. Espcially the yoga pictures. I remember my password! See you tomorrow.


Caroline said...

I had a great time at the yoga class!

dfs said...

Dear Mrs. Gorham
I love the blog. The Pictures are fantastic.


Patrick said...

yoga was fun