Monday, January 28, 2008

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,

We have been in such a groove, I have forgotten to update our blog.

Here's the scoop in room 5:

Mathematics: We are wrapping up fractions. This week we are working with improper and mixed fractions. Hopefully, your child can explain the difference between them. We will also add and subtract fractions with like denominators. Look for a study guide in your child's agenda this week and a test early next week.

Reading: We are also finishing Love That Dog by Sharon Creech this week. As a culminating activity, we will spend one period this week listening to the book on CD. Ask your child what the significance of the blue car is in the book.

Our next unit is a favorite of mine, Tall Tales! Pecos Bill, Slue Foot Sue and Paul Bunyan will be our new friends!

Social Studies: We had a test on the Southeast Region and will be moving into the Middle West Region. Do you know which state in the Middle West Region looks like a mitten? Do you know the names of the Great Lakes? We'll find out as we continue our journey across the United States.

Science: We are still studying adaptations using birds. We have a few more activities and then we will begin our project which is still a SECRET for right now! We will also dissect owl pellets and watch March of the Penguins.

Writing: We are still working on our Genie/Three Wishes project. Thank you to Mrs. Alessi, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Ransden for volunteering to help out with conferences during writer's workshop. Let me know if you are interested in coming in to help us revise and edit.

Read-Aloud: We finished Matilda by Roald Dahl. It was nice to see how many kids picked up additional books by Roald Dahl this past week. I love when read-alouds inspire students to read new genres & authors! We also did a quick picture book called All About Owls by Jim Arnosky. Today, we started Poppy by Avi. Both books coincide nicely with our science unit.


  1. Report Cards went home on Monday. Please call if you have not seen your child's report card.

  2. Chorus Concert is on Thursday at 9:10 am. Families are welcome. This is the only time that 4th grade will perform for the Winter Concert. The children need dark bottoms (pants/skirts), dark shoes, and white tops for their concert attire. It looks lovely when everyone participates, but don't forget to pack sneakers as we have phys. ed. in the afternoon! The children can change into comfy clothes after the concert.

  3. February 8th, 2008 is PTO's Family Game Night at 6:30 PM. Come out for a good time. I think I may be a "guest caller" for BINGO...and Emma may want to help me work the microphone! I am sure it will be a blast!

That's it for now. I promise to post some new pictures after the concert. We are just "wrapping" a lot of things up and pretty busy...not too much time for pictures.

Have a great week!


Justin & family said...

Dear Mrs. Gorham,

I loved reading Matilda very much and I hope I can see the movie sometime. I love reading Poppy. It is very interesting.


Caroline said...

i love reading poppy

Taylor said...


Love the Blog mrs gorham keep up the good work

dfs said...

Hi Everyone

I Know we are not i n this month But i just wnated to post a coment her

Taylor :-)