Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Welcome to 2008!

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful break with family and friends. I had a busy time traveling to family in NY, NJ, and CT. It is always nice to be with family, but the "getting there" part can be a real grind!

Anyway, we are now back in full swing and had a great first week. There were a few mentions of "I miss Mrs. Brush" or "It's strange without Mrs. Brush here". I am glad that they enjoyed working with her last semester. She was a tremendous asset to our classroom community and her presence will be missed.

Let's get to it...here's the update from Room 5:

New Teacher Shower: We hosted a shower for Mrs. Brush and supplied her with all the things we think a new teacher needs. She received so many wonderful gifts. Thank you for your generosity and support with this project.

Winter Carnival: Thanks to all the parents that came in and volunteered to help the 4th graders celebrate the holidays. They were quite creative this year! We mixed up the children and rotated rooms to have the opportunity to participate in 6 different activities such as holiday stories and crafts. It was a wonderful afternoon for all!


Holiday Bingo


Holiday Stories

More Crafts

Mathematics: We are working on our division skills. We have switched to a Division Mad Minutes test, but will return to Multiplication tests on a "surprise" basis. We need to be prepared! Our Division test was today and we will be moving into fractions next.

Social Studies: We wrapped up the Northeast Region. We have started to explore the Southeast Region. Do you know what states make up the Southeast Region? What is the climate like? What products are grown there? Things to start thinking about...

Science: Mrs. Brush concluded her unit on Matter. Click on the link below to see a short video from our lab on the sound of matter.

We also did a matter lab on sink or float and tried to make aluminum foil boats that could support pennies. Check out Caroline and Ashley's successful boat building skills? (It is sideways. I am still learning about putting videos on blogs...and how to rotate them!)

In January, we will begin a new project to kick off our study of Animal Adaptations. Do you know what animal adaptations are? What makes a bird a bird? We will become experts on birds and the many adaptations that they have.

Reading: We are studying poetry and have been performing some poems in class. We are also playing "I-SPY" and looking to find poetry terms within the poems. We want to know if there is rhythm, how many stanzas, is there poetic license, is there a rhyme pattern, and other terms that we are learning. The children worked in partners and to select a poem to share with the class. They will get to be the teachers. See the photos below.

Writing: The At-Home Writing Project was due on December 20th. Another writing project will be assigned in January. In class, we will begin a new 5 paragraph essay as well. Hint: Start thinking about what you would wish for...

Help Wanted: Do you enjoy working with budding writers? Are you good with grammar? Can you revise and edit? Do you have computer skills/knowledge of MS Word? If you answered yes to any of these questions, than this is the job for you! We are currently seeking parents to assist with Writer's Workshop on Thursdays and Fridays from 10:55-11:35 am. Please send me an email if you are available to help us out on either day.

Indoor Recess Fun: Over break, I bought a microphone for us to use in class. Justin was inspired to bring in his "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" game and host his own version at recess. He even brought prizes!


  1. Please re-stock your child's pencils, highlighters, and gluesticks. If possible, label each item with your child's name.

  2. Please label your child's snow gear. Many items are being "relocated" to the Lost & Found on a daily basis. I actually have laundry markers in the classroom, if you would like your child to do it at school.
  3. I will be sending out a paper survey regarding the blog this week. Please complete it and return it to school. I will be sharing it with Mrs. Whitten and will be using it to plan the future of our blog. I appreciate your honesty with your answers.
Thank you and have a great week!
-JoAnne Gorham


Caroline said...

I love all of the pictures.

jgorham said...

Thanks for checking it out, Caroline! Sorry your video is sideways, but I will do better next time! See you tomorrow!
-Mrs. Gorham

Caroline said...

That's ok!

Justin & family said...

Thanks Mrs. Gorham for putting me on the blog. I really enjoyed hosting the game.


BMR said...

Dear Mrs. Gorham,
I too, love all of the pictures! The pictures of Mrs.Brush made me miss her even more!

BMR said...

I forgot! Caroline finaly beet Justin to the blog!!!! It's a miracle!